Welcome. I’m Jenny Hassam, CEO at Rhetoric.

I believe smart entrepreneurs who want to get ahead in today’s overcrowded marketplace have to position themselves, create an awesome personal brand and ensure they are leveraging the hell out of their, and their companies, profile.

Hey, thanks for popping in. Have you ever felt like you

R-dot Are using the same old marketing techniques but they’re just not getting you the impact and lead generation they used to
R-dot read articles on Huffington Post & The SMH & know you should be quoted
R-dot feel like all your competitors are getting amazing media coverage & you’re being left for dust
R-dot feel like it’s an uphill battle trying to get clients
R-dot want BRW, Fast Company and entrepreneur.com logos on your home and sales pages

At Rhetoric our mission in life is to work with amazing, awe-inspiring entrepreneurs and get them national publicity and recognition for all the hard graft, blood, sweat and tears they pour into their businesses every day.

We are ALL about getting you the profile you deserve, hitting up your name in lights and fully supporting you through opportunities we get for you, from TV interviews to photo ops, becoming a regular contributor for national outlets to navigating the complex media world … we’ve got your back.


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Tell me more…

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Rhetoric is an Australian-based, PR Agency servicing entrepreneurs.

We are a rapidly expanding outfit and with a team of kick arse Account Managers who have super powered backgrounds from journalism to marketing.

We have access to every media contact in Australia and the US.

We have gained our clients hundreds of features, interviews and media mentions across print, online, radio and TV.

…and we consistently deliver; gaining our clients TV interviews and nationally syndicated coverage increasing their profile, helping them win new business and opening doors that were previously shut.


And my background…

jen-14-11My name is Jen and I have fifteen years’ experience in strategic marketing and PR built in London, Europe, USA and Australian markets.

Since moving to Adelaide I’ve worked in senior communications roles for some of the biggest organisations in Australia including BAE Systems, Australian Red Cross and Professional Public Relations where I have honed my skills in PR, media relations and social media strategy and implementation.

I’m an accredited and Professional Member of the PR Institute of Australia, have a Professional Diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing and has a BSc (hons) from top UK uni: The University of Southampton.

My life now

As a born and bred (cockney) Londoner I live with my Adelaidean hubby and three kiddies by the seaside. I admit I’m a ‘multi-passionate’ person who loves travel, scuba diving, sampling South Aussie champers, dance, fire poi, cheerleading, drawing, politics, healthy eating (that’s a new fad!) and generally I like fads a lot, which drives hubster completely mad!


My super human power…

I’m a creative and love interviewing new clients as it just sparks so many million ideas of different angles and media outlets we can target with different messages that I feel completely unstoppable!


An average day at Rhetoric HQ looks like…

We work on a retainer and on a project basis (minimum three months) and we excel in running media campaigns which catapult our clients into the media. So Monday morning at 8am at least one of the team is launching a media campaign and then we’re on the phones talking to our media contacts chasing, calling, emailing, more calling and generally being pretty persistent!

We offer a full suite of services including graphic design, photography, videography, marketing, copy-writing and so can be doing one in a number of things for our clients. The rest of the week might involve prepping for future campaigns by interviewing clients, copywriting, writing media releases and researching into speaking opportunities and award submissions. We’re advising our clients on head shots and video content one minute to uploading content across social media channels for clients to get them as much exposure as possible. We also spend time chatting to potential new clients via Skype, phone or in person and actioning our company’s marketing and business development strategy.

I have quite a few good biz friends now who I ‘do’ lunch with and I’m also juggling with my three kids’ schedules too. To say my life isn’t hectic is an understatement!

If you got to the bottom of this I’m so honoured. Thank you. For more inane ramblings and insights into the media world I only give through email make sure you sign up below:



118A Glen Osmond Road, PARKSIDE SA 5063

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