Entrepreneur PR Package

We believe any smart entrepreneur who wants to get ahead in today’s overcrowded marketplace has to position themselves, create an awesome personal brand and ensure they are leveraging the hell out of their, and their company’s, profile using PR.

Hey, thanks for popping in. Have you ever felt like you:
R-dot Are using the same old marketing techniques but they’re just not getting you the impact and lead generation they used to
R-dot read articles on Huffington Post & The SMH & know you should be quoted
R-dot feel like all your competitors are getting amazing media coverage & you’re being left for dust
R-dot feel like it’s an uphill battle trying to get clients
R-dot want news.com.au, Fast Company and entrepreneur.com logos on your home and sales pages
Our mission at Rhetoric HQ is to work with amazing, awe-inspiring entrepreneurs and get them national publicity and recognition for all the hard graft, blood, sweat and tears they pour into their businesses every day.

We are ALL about getting you the profile you deserve, hitting up your name in lights and fully supporting you through opportunities we get for you, from TV interviews to photo ops, becoming a regular contributor for national outlets to navigating the complex media world … we’ve got your back.

Whether you’re launching a startup, announcing a new product or service or just want to brainstorm something with us to talk to the media about let us know, we’d love to help you get started.

We’re all about getting maximum exposure, traffic and sales for you and your brand and the way we do it is in a painless way for you to really get you the impact you need to achieve your goal. This package lasts a month and is all about launching your product or service into the stratosphere.

To find out pricing, drop us a quick email via our Contact Form and Jen, Head Honcho at Rhetoric PR will get back to you with the deets.

NB: This package is subject to availability based our Account Manager client workloads, month to month.

Tell me more…

Rhetoric PR Pty Ltd is an Australian-based PR agency which works with savvy businesses going places. We help our clients get into the media; gaining exposure, building credentials, recognition, boosting web traffic and ultimately getting them the customers they deserve.

We’re a fun, edgy and creative lot and we consistently get our clients exposure, access to key markets and find the best stories and clickable and engaging content that get people talking.

Our team of Senior Account Managers has access to every media contact in Australia and the US and we’ve gained our clients hundreds of features, interviews and media mentions across print, online, radio and TV.

…and we consistently deliver; gaining our clients TV interviews and nationally syndicated coverage increasing their profile, helping them win new business, gaining new investment opportunties, acquisition offers and opening doors that were previously shut.

What you get

R-dot 1 hr interview with you to find an angle, audience and story we will lead with
R-dot create a media release with your full sign off
R-dot create a fully customised media list to hit your target market with over 100 influential media contacts
R-dot send out individual personalised emails on launch date
R-dot follow-up phone pitches to ten preferred media outlets to secure coverage
R-dot handle all media liaison, including follow ups, interviews and photo shoots
R-dot talk you through any media interviews to ensure you’re prepared and debrief afterwards
R-dot share story through entrepreneur networks (2,000+) and through social media channels
R-dot respond to relevant media call-outs over the lifetime of the campaign (1 month approx)
R-dot deliver a full media wrap-up
R-dot advise, edit, proof and support in the writing of any articles off the back of the campaign
R-dot hold your hand through-out (naw!)

How long does it last?

It lasts one month.

What if I’ve got nothing to announce?

It is helpful if you have something newsy, like a new product, book or something. However, we, at Rhetoric PR, are clever little bods and put the time in upfront to really do our research creating awesome stories around your brand that the media won’t help but lap up.

We only have a couple of these packages available a month so be sure to book in time with us to ensure you can benefit from this new package.

This package is selling now at $1,999.


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