Help Me Do My Own PR

Imagine telling all your friends and biz buds about your awesome news coverage darling….

”Yes….I’m famous now….sorry dahling, must dash….I have a TV producer on the other line who is dying to talk to me!”.

And there’s more…

R-dot You have lovely media logos splashed across your home page.
R-dot Your clients are coming to you saying ‘I was flicking through my fave mag and there was a four page article written by you in there’.
R-dot You get a call from the government agency, who’ve previously not returned your calls, approaching you after seeing an article in the city newspaper.
How awesome would that be!

(Hint: these are all things that have happened to my clients by the way!)

If you’re fed up with seeing pieces in the media about your competitors, a little bit frustrated that you’re just not attracting the right clients and guest posting just isn’t helping build your list as quickly as you hoped then keep reading.

Getting media coverage is an awesome way to create a buzz around your brand….and it is so much fun!!

I help entrepreneurs bring out their best and propel them forward and I love nothing more than brainstorming with my clients, coming up with awesome ideas, stories and pitches and then matching these with local and national media outlets across online, TV, radio and print.

So where do I start and will you be able to help me?

I’ve coached loads of entrepreneurs and spoken at events on how you can go about getting your own publicity. It really is a straight forward and simple process. You don’t need a PhD in Public Relations, you don’t need to have amazing contacts in the media (yet!), you don’t even have to be an extrovert.

What is the package?

I spend an hour with you over Skype to give you loads of ideas, angles and media contacts so that as soon as we get off the phone you can start pitching to the media yourself.

You’ll learn and receive:

R-dot Loads of creative ideas based around YOUR business to help win a journos heart!
R-dot The best way to get in contact with a journo to achieve success
R-dot Things not to do to ensure you stay on the right side of a journo!
R-dot How to write a killer media release
R-dot Which media to contact based on YOUR business
R-dot FREE practical timeline of what to do and when
R-dot FREE month by month guide of what’s happening across the year to piggy-back onto


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