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If you’ve decided that 2018 is the year you want to skyrocket but you know you need someone on your team to help you do that in a cost-effective way, read on.

For many entrepreneurs the constant grind can often get too much especially if you’re a couple of years in. Waiting to be discovered or ‘go viral’ has not happened as hoped and you’re so fed up with seeing pieces in the media about your competitors or lesser products or services and you’re still not attracting the right calibre of clients. You know you’re meant to be seen as the ‘expert’ but you don’t have the time, bandwidth or first clue on where to start. And if you’re honest with yourself giving up and going back to the 9-5 has definitely been crossing your mind more and more these days.

PR could be your ‘magic bullet’!

Getting media coverage is an awesome way to create a buzz around your brand….and it is so much fun, creates a buzz around your brand, positions you as the go to expert, drives traffic to your website, garners trust and credibility and will impact your bank balance in a positive way. Also:

R-dot You have lovely media logos splashed across your home page.
R-dot Your clients are coming to you saying ‘I was flicking through my fave mag and there was a four page article written by you in there’.
R-dot You get a call from the government agency, who’ve previously not returned your calls, approaching you after seeing an article in the city newspaper.
How awesome would that be!

(Note: these are all things that have happened to my clients, by the way!)

About Rhetoric

The CEO of Rhetoric, Jen Hassam, has a background in creating some of the most lavish and high profile corporate events in London. From working with the team who created to working in creative agencies running marketing campaigns and events at the BT Tower and the Royal Albert Hall, Jen has an extensive back catalogue which she now brings into a public relations environment for national communications campaigns.

The team of account managers at Rhetoric work mainly with companies with $5m+ revenue and monthly retainers start at $3,500+GST for managing anything from public relations, integrated marketing campaigns, social media accounts and influencer marketing.

Every year Jen takes on a small number of coaching clients who work with her monthly, and on a long-term basis, to gain media attention, learn simple tricks to ramp up their digital footprint and helps grow the entrepreneurs and companies that they manage to their full potential while creating more successful, profitable and sustainable companies as a result. One company Jen worked with last year gained $2m investment off the back of one article in the Australian Financial Review.

So where do I start and will you be able to help me?

I help entrepreneurs bring out their best and propel them forward and I love nothing more than brainstorming with my clients, coming up with awesome ideas, stories and pitches and then matching these with local and national media outlets across online, TV, radio and print.

I’ve coached loads of entrepreneurs and spoken at events on how you can go about getting your own publicity. It really is a straight forward and simple process. You don’t need a PhD in Public Relations, you don’t need to have amazing contacts in the media (yet!), you don’t even have to be an extrovert.

What is the package?

For the first month we’ll help you put a full strategy together so that you’re in charge of implementation and we’re set on how to I spend an hour with you over Skype to give you loads of ideas, angles and media contacts so that as soon as we get off the phone you can start pitching to the media yourself.

You’ll learn and receive:

R-dot Creation of a strategy written by Rhetoric which will guide implementation with clear goals, media outlet to contact, angles to pitch, media holidays to pitch around and a guide on how to amplify coverage
R-dot All the top secret tactics that the best PR agencies use to get in contact the media and achieve success
R-dot Things not to do to ensure you stay on the right side of a journo!
R-dot Template, processes, interview guidelines and more we’ll be sending to you at each stage. All the processes Rhetoric uses you’ll receive at no extra cost to train and guide you to become a super PR guru
R-dot We’ll give you ideas each month on which media to contact, how to follow up, how to build relationships with the media and new ideas to get your story in front of the right people
R-dot FREE practical timeline of what to do and when
R-dot FREE month by month guide of what’s happening across the year to piggy-back onto

Who’s this for?

We’re selective on what types of company we take on and so in a inital consult we can give you direct feedback on how PR-able your sector is and how much success you’re likely to have with this type of marketing strategy.

How much?

The first month is $1,199+GST where the Rhetoric team will run a two hour session to ensure we get to know you and then we’ll write a full strategy which we’ll be guiding you to implement month to month in 2018. From then on, its only $699+GST a month,which will get you web traffic, leads, credibility and traction if you’re willing to put the hard yards in yourself.

How much time will it take?

Once a month you’ll sit down with Jen for two hours and cover training, idea brainstorming, accountability on goals achieved and contacts of who to talk to in the media in your area. It’s Jen’s job to train and your job to implement and action the strategy, knowledge and skills you’ll be learning every month. This is the reason we’re calling this PR Guru as you really well end up with a wealth of knowledge by close of 2018.

What our clients say…

“It was so lovely to learn from you at the SASS Summit! Your presentation came at the most amazing time for me and where I am at with my business.

I have been so inspired I actually woke up at 5am this morning to write a pitch which then got a half page in the city daily newspaper business section which would probably cost $10k if I’d wanted to advertise there.

Thanks once again for the inspiration, I had never thought of writing my own pitch to media.”

Juliet Lever, CEO, Relaunch My Life

“Jen was an integral part of launching my online business Click.Love.Grow.  Double page spreads in a city daily newspaper, another double pager with great photography in a high circulation parenting mag and a fantastic article in a national mainstream photography mag, the results just kept on coming!! I was evening ringing journalists myself! I still have all those media logos front and centre on my website now which give me that extra credibility factor as an online business. Worth every penny and then some. Jen’s expertise, knowledge and lovlieness means she’s not only a valued expert but now one of my biz besties.”

Louise Glendon, CEO, Click.Love.Grow

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