Thought Leader

You’re an expert in your field, a speaker, an author,  a trusted advisor and a thought leader….


You want more leads, more credibility and you want to grow your business to reach more people with the impact that your counsel and services can bring.

Imagine amplifying your audience and reaching thousands of more people than you are currently reaching. What would that mean for your business and your lifestyle?

At Rhetoric we talk to thought leaders every day and we represent people like you to get their thoughts, ideas and advice into the public sphere, on high traffic websites and media outlets servicing their core target markets.

In this package we’ll create a strategy to access your ideal clientsand work on a four-pronged attack:

  • Write articles for you, or you can write them yourself and we’ll edit, and then pitch them to relevant outlets
  • Watch what’s in the news and trending and move quickly to get your opinion to the right influencers and journalists as news breaks to make you the go-to expert
  • Observe media call-outs daily and respond to those which are relevant
  • Write pitches and media releases when you’re launching a new product, book or service

Who we work with

PR is not an easy game so we’re selective about who we take on. It helps if you can cover off one or more of the points below and you can tell us which areas might be your strongest when we correspond via phone or email:

  • Standing out from the crowd – why are you different and what’s your ‘so what?’
  • Offering substance as well as the sparkle
  • Numbers, stats and figures
  • Good quality content
  • Human interest/personal backstory
  • Niche offerings
  • Identification of new trends
  • Qualifications or extensive experience in what you offer
  • Working in a very newsworthy sector
  • Firsts, news, anniveraries, book launches, awards, announcements

Call Jen today on 0428 212434 to get a quick quote and find out more about what we deliver and the results you can achieve.

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