We do content

You know how you’re supposed to write lots of content and put it everywhere?

So, if, for example, you had a sales pipeline and then you placed amazing clickable articles along it…

…and then you did a couple of email blasts…

…and then you repurposed this cool content into an internet meme or two and then posted on social?

Errrmmmmm, well who has time for that? It’s so hard to keep up with all the things we ‘should be doing’ in business and we know that yes we’d love our ideal clients to read all our cool stuff. We’d like their purchase decisions to be sped up, yes please, and we’d love for them to know exactly what we do and drive even more amazing clients to our website.

But where do you start?

At our lil agency we can help you create content that sells, that sings, that might even do a little wolf whistle occassionally.

Good quality content is what we, as an agency, do. Clients come to us coz we is that good, like!

So drop our CEO, Jen, an email at jenny@rhetoricpr.com.au and she can send over our packages and what we can do for you. From as little as $500 a month we’re on it, we’re doing it….did we mention we love writing and creating shiz. Cool.

Get people who love to do this stuff to do it rather than doing it yourself. Seriously, once you outsource this one you will not know why you didn’t do it before!

118A Glen Osmond Road, PARKSIDE SA 5063

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